BM TRADA operates well established third party certification schemes for products, installation & maintenance services, personnel & grading. 

Q-Mark and product marking including the UKCA/UKNI/CE marks helps you get your products to market and meet tender specification requirements.

Certification of your product tells your customers that it meets the requirements of a defined technical specification and that it has been produced within a third party audited Factory Production Control (FPC) system which includes procedures for isolating non-conforming product.

For complex and high performing products, confidence in their performance throughout the product life is critical. So, certification of those installing, repairing or maintaining the product is as important as testing and certification of the product itself.

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CE Marking Construction Products

Find out how CE marking is the only way to demonstrate that a product, or system, complies with the CPR

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CE Marking for External Pedestrian Doorsets

Find out about CE marking of external pedestrian doorsets

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CE Marking for Structural Steel

CE marking for structural steel to BS EN 1090-1 Execution of steel structures & aluminium structures

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CE Marking for Wood Based Products

The CE-marking wood-based panels’ certification scheme is based on compliance with the BS EN 13986 standard.

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Door Energy Ratings

Find out how the door energy rating scheme provides a method for manufacturers to demonstrate the energy performance.

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European Technical Assessments (ETA)

Find out more about our UKAS accredited certification and how we can offer European Technical Assessments (ETA).

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Q-Mark acoustic windows 640x480

Q-Mark Acoustic Window Scheme

Find out how the BM TRADA Q-Mark acoustic window scheme aims to raise the standard of acoustic performance.  

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Q-Mark building insulation 640x480

Q-Mark Building Insulation

The scheme covers factory production control, documentation and test/assessment evidence, and the resultant certification is defined products.

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Q-Mark building systems 640x480

Q-Mark Building Systems

The scheme enables a manufacturer to demonstrate quality of manufacturer and a consistent standard of performance.

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Q-Mark Construction Products Scheme

Scheme to determine the conformity of a product with specific requirements through an initial conformity assessment and ongoing surveillance conformity audits.

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Q-Mark Engineered Floor Systems Scheme

Confirm compliance to specific flooring standards and performance criteria.

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Q-Mark Engineered Wood Products Scheme

A third-party certification for ‘’Engineered wood products”.

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Q-Mark engineering protocol 640x480

Q-Mark Engineering and Design Protocol Scheme

Third party certification for engineering and design protocol.

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Q-Mark Enhanced Lifetime Performance of Doors Scheme

A third-party certification scheme for the lifetime performance of hinged doors.

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Q-Mark enhanced security doors 640x480

Q-Mark Enhanced Security Doors

This scheme provide reassurance that your doors are consistently manufactured to satisfy Secured by Design standards.

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Q-Mark enhanced security windows 640x480

Q-Mark Enhanced Security Windows

This scheme provide reassurance that your windows are consistently manufactured to satisfy Secured by Design standards.

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Q-Mark Flat Glass Scheme 

A third party certification scheme for thermally toughened safety glass.

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Q-Mark Insulating Glass Units Scheme

This scheme is based on the requirements of EN 1279.

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bmtrada Q-Mark Machine strength grading certification_640x480

Q-Mark Machine Strength Grading

Find out how machine strength grading is the process of using machines to determine strength classes of timber.

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Marine plywood 640x480

Q-Mark Marine Plywood Scheme

The Q-mark marine plywood certification scheme demonstrates compliance with BS 1088.

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Q-Mark Solid Wood Based Paneling and Cladding Scheme

The Q-Mark wood-based panels certification scheme confirms compliance with EN 13986, together with a specific set of performance criteria.

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Q-Mark Timber Tiling Batten Scheme

Scheme which provides confirms compliance of the manufacturer of timber tiling batten.

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Q-Mark Trussed Rafters Scheme

Third party certification scheme for trussed rafters.

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Q-Mark visual strength grading 640x480

Q-Mark Visual Strength Grading

The process of assessing timbers by reference to a Grading Standard.

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bmtrada Q-Mark Window general performance scheme_640x480

Q-Mark Window General Performance

This scheme provide assurance that the win-dows installed on site meet the same high standards as those tested.

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window energy ratings _640x480

Window Energy Ratings Scheme

A certification scheme that allows manufacturers to apply to use the window energy ratings.

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