Chain of custody certification definition

Chain of custody certification is designed to help organizations prove traceability of certified material as it flows through all points of the supply chain. It is not dependent, nor limited to organizations that are already holding certification to other schemes and it is available regardless of organization size. There are different chain of custody certification schemes, according to the type of material that you are tracing.

The benefits of chain of custody certification

Having your chain of custody system independently certified demonstrates to your customers your commitment to responsible supply chain management. Specifically, chain of custody certification will provide:

  • Added value to your products and services
  • Access to new markets enabling you to win new customers
  • Compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Enhanced business reputation and confidence in the supply chain
  • Assurance to your customers that they are contributing to environmental conservation and economic stability.

By implementing and maintaining a robust chain of custody system, companies can provide assurances to suppliers and clients, that their products are sourced and produced in compliance with the highest ecological, social and economic standards.

Chain of custody certification works through the entire supply chain to provide proof of traceability back to well-managed, controlled or recycled sources. Certification provides market access including Government Procurement Policy compliance.

Chain of custody certification for aluminium and timber products

Certification to the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) Performance and Chain of Custody standards demonstrates responsibility through the aluminium supply, promotes stakeholder confidence about the use of aluminium products and address climate change issues expressed by consumers and industrial producers. 

Chain of custody certification of your timber or timber-derived products provides independently-verified assurance that the wood used originates from responsibly sourced forests and that the material has been tracked through every stage of the process, from forest to end-user. 


BM TRADA is a leading international certification body and has extensive experience in the sustainability sector.

Choosing us means you are working with a certification body whose name is readily accepted by regulators, purchasers and suppliers around the world.

Chain of custody certification cost

Our certification costs are based on a daily rate for audit activity and additional administrative and certification costs. Companies with multiple operating facilities can apply for cost-effective multi-site certification. 

Chain of custody certification is open to all organizations regardless of market impact, turnover, size or memberships. Chain of custody certification is not dependent, nor limited to organizations that are already holding certification to other schemes. BM TRADA will be happy to consider quoting for any organization that is interested in chain of custody certification.

BM TRADA's Chain of custody certification services and solutions

As part of our chain of custody certification service range, BM TRADA provides auditing, technical literature and/or training.

Certification body licence numbers:

  • FSC™A000503
  • PEFC/16-44-002.
  • SFI-01445.