BM TRADA timber experts offer independent timber inspection, timber surveys and timber consultancy in a wide variety of industrial and residential applications.

Our experts have a long history and wealth of experience in the timber industry. 

We provide a range of timber technical services, ranging from design to completion of a project, along with services such as timber conditional and structural surveys, expert witness, timber identification, in-situ visual strength grading, timber frame consultancy and railway infrastructure inspection.

Our Services

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Bespoke Timber Solutions

Find out more about the specification and performance of timber in a wide variety of applications.

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Design Detail Evaluation

Independent advice and guidance on how best to detail and specify timber in a variety of applications.

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Timber and Insect Identification

Our experts have knowledge in timber species and wood boring insect identification in all types of timber and timber-based products

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In Situ Visual Strength Grading

Our timber experts provide indicative visual strength grading of softwoods and hardwoods in situ to provide the appropriate strength class.

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We provide joinery inspection which includes and verification of design detailing, construction and installation of internal and external joinery, i.e. cladding, doors, windows, flooring, skirting etc.

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Plywood testing

Find out more about plywood testing from BM TRADA’s UKAS accredited laboratory.


Timber Cladding and Decking Inspections

Our service covers fault finding and diagnostic work on timber cladding and decking boards in a variety of locations.

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Timber Condition and Structural Surveys

Our experts offer a range of specialist independent condition and structural surveys of timber components in new and existing structures.

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Timber Condition Surveys for Rail

Condition and strength survey for the rail industry.

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Timber Engineering

Checking design calculations, assisting with product development and inspecting new and existing buildings.

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Timber Expert Witness

We offer an expert witness service for all disputes involving timber and wood-based products.

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Timber Frame Consultancy

frameCHECK - independent third-party consultancy on the design and build quality of timber.

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Timber Preservative Testing

BM TRADA offers timber preservative testing of treated wood using test methods and protocols from relevant British and European Standards to establish whether treatment levels in wood samples have been met at the time of treatment.

Timber species verification to meet EUTR_640x480

Timber Species Verification

This service provides a useful due diligence system to meet the European Timber Regulations.

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Wood Coatings

Our experts have a wealth of experience in diagnostic work determining the causes of coating failures and wood decay on exterior joinery including cladding.

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Wood Flooring

Diagnostic work on performance, aesthetic and structural issues of timber flooring in domestic, industrial and residential applications.

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