Management systems are the frameworks that companies use to manage the day to day processes involved in running a business.

Many management systems certification standards are known and respected widely around the world. The most well-known ones include:

Gaining and maintaining certification can help your business get better at what it does, lower its costs and win more business.

Why do I need management systems certification?

A well designed management system helps an organisation achieve its aims and objectives.  It gives a systematic, repeatable way of managing the business, its impacts and risks and helps the organisations employees and sub-contractors deliver in line with company expectations.  However, like any business tool, it requires regular check-ups to ensure it is working to its optimal level and is achieving the best possible results.

An external third-party audit provides an annual review of how well the business is performing and helps highlights opportunities to drive further improvement into the business and its processes and procedures.  This feedback helps management set goals and targets and better understand the risks and opportunities the business faces.

In addition, the third-party certification body will provide a certificate that confirms the organisations achievement of compliance with the chosen standards.  These can be used to help win new business or new investment and demonstrate to potential recruits that the organisation is well managed and is focusing on topics that may be important to them. 

Why BM TRADA for your management systems certification?

Choosing BM TRADA means you are working with a major international certification body with a leading reputation in certification.

For over 40 years, BM TRADA has been helping customers achieve regulatory compliance, market entry and competitive advantage, with over 90% of our clients rating us as good or excellent within key categories such as technical competence, report quality, the accuracy of delivery, brand reputation and overall quality of working relationship. With a connected network of specialists around the globe, by partnering with BM TRADA you are connecting yourself to a world of expertise through an independent group who are clearly trusted by customers worldwide.

• Our Approach We pride ourselves on being approachable and speaking in ‘plain talk’. We know our way around the standards and will save you time by helping you understand how to implement them quickly and efficiently. Our approach includes the identification of issues and potential opportunities for improvement that will help add value to your organization.

• Our Auditors We have a nationwide network of auditors who are chosen for their wealth of experience, detailed knowledge and the ability to work closely and collaboratively with clients.

• Our Service We work closely with our clients to understand the business aims, needs and goals. We will work alongside you to accommodate your requirements.

As part of our management systems certification service range, BM TRADA provides auditing, technical literature and training

Management Systems Certification Process 

  • Gap analysis
  • Stage one 
  • Stage two 
  • Registration 

Contact us to talk to a certification expert about how management systems certification could help you. 


Who would benefit from management systems certification


• Larger companies

• Multinationals

• Public sector 

• Private sector

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