What is a sustainable supply chain?

A sustainable supply chain is one where, at every stage of the procurement cycle, the organization and its products and services are evaluated in terms of economic, social and environmental impacts. The aim is to maximize positive contributions to all of these criteria, whilst minimizing any adverse effects.

A sustainable supply chain involves the unbroken path that products take from source to consumer, including refining, manufacturing, processing, transportation, and distribution. Sustainable Supply Chain Certification then assures customers that the production is sustainable.

Why do I need sustainable supply chain certification?

There is an increasing focus, and rising worldwide concern, that the food and goods we produce could damage the environment or society. As a result, there is a demand for greater transparency and credibility.

Sustainable supply chain certification verifies to your customers, stakeholders and the broader public that your products and services will stand up to scrutiny. It provides evidence of your product’s sustainability, that your supply chain operates ethically, and of the traceability of the products in your supply chain system.

The food and commodities supply chains are complex with multiple parts, and being certified demonstrates that you have taken steps to ensure the credibility of the supply chain. In addition, it proves your commitments to the environment, land, and people.

Why BM TRADA for your sustainable supply chain certification?

Choosing BM TRADA means you are working with a major international certification body with a leading reputation in responsible sourcing and sustainable supply chain certification.

For over 40 years, BM TRADA has been helping customers achieve regulatory compliance, market entry and competitive advantage, with over 90% of our clients rating us as good or excellent within key categories such as technical competence, report quality, accuracy of delivery, brand reputation and overall quality of working relationship. With a connected network of specialists around the globe, by partnering with BM TRADA you are connecting yourself to a world of expertise through an independent group who are clearly trusted by customers worldwide.

  • Our Approach: We pride ourselves on being approachable and responsive and are committed to providing our clients with a superior service which adds value to the entire organization.
  • Our Auditors: Our auditors are selected for their sector experience, industry knowledge and ability to work constructively with clients. Our interest is to ensure you obtain maximum benefit from your management system. Our approach includes the identification of issues and potential opportunities for improvement that will help add value to your organization.
  • Our Service: We work in partnership with our clients, this means that we will get to know and understand your business, building up a relationship with you and working together to accommodate your requirements.

As part of our sustainable supply chain certification service range, BM TRADA provides auditing, technical literature and training.

Contact us to talk to a certification expert about how sustainable supply chain certification could help you.

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Who would benefit from sustainable supply chain certification

• Retailers and their suppliers

• Supermarkets and their suppliers 

• Grocery and suppliers

• Food production - Food and beverages/Dairy

• Personal care - Cosmetics/Nutraceuticals

• Agriculture