Provide unambiguous evidence of compliance with relevant standards with the Q-Mark marine plywood certification scheme.

The Q-Mark marine plywood certification scheme is designed to improve the quality and performance of marine plywood used in the construction industry and demonstrate compliance with BS 1088.

The Timber Trade Federation now requires all marine plywood sold by its members to comply with BS 1088 and has recommended that future claims of compliance should be supported by independent third party quality assurance.

Designed as a method of ensuring the quality of the product, BS 1088 defines the characteristics of the raw material, as well as how the product needs to be tested, graded and labelled. Products must be of sufficient density (at least 500kg/m3 for standard marine plywood); manufactured from graded durable veneer, with strict limitations on natural and processing defects; and the bonding quality should meet the requirements of BS EN 314-2, Bonding Class 3.

Q-Mark marine plywood certification scheme details

After establishing the capability of a factory to make marine plywood, BM TRADA’s Q-Mark marine plywood certification scheme will audit the manufacturing processes in place through regular factory inspections. BM TRADA works with independent test laboratories in manufacturing countries, such as the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), to undertake initial type testing and uses local BM TRADA auditors for regular factory audits.

The benefits of becoming certified on the Q-Mark marine plywood certification scheme:

  • Demonstrates that your marine plywood complies with BS 1088
  • Provides purchasers with independent verification of consistent quality of manufacture
  • Gain competitive advantage through an enhanced reputation for quality
  • Opens doors to new business, where tenders specify third party certification
  • Display the widely recognized BM TRADA certification mark on your products.
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