BM TRADA provides Q-Mark machine strength grading certification to the standard for controlling machine strength grading operations within UK/ Europe and beyond - EN 14081-1-4.

Machine Strength Grading is the process whereby machines are used to determine strength classes and has prompted the development of a range of devices using differing technologies to determine the strength of timber. The common factor with all these machines is their ability to measure a number of properties of a piece of timber and relate these measurements, through rigorous testing programmes, to predict the strength properties of the piece and assign the appropriate Strength Class.

The Standard for controlling machine Strength Grading operations within UK/ Europe, which is also now being adopted in other countries, is EN 14081-1-4. This Standard is supported by EN 338 which provides the Characteristic Values (used by structural engineers) of strength to the Classes C14-C50 for softwoods. 

How Q-Mark machine strength grading certification works

Recognized grade marking on a piece of timber is its “Passport” for use in structural applications. These standards require that graded material is supplied and marked under the control of a recognized scheme operated by a Certification/Approved Body such as BM TRADA. Production and marking by the machine grading process requires successfully passing an initial and subsequent twice yearly inspection of production control by a body such as BM TRADA.

BM TRADA has been providing strength grading certification to the timber and construction industry since the early 1970s under the BM TRADA Q-Mark brand. Our certification experts are able to advise on product marking including the UKCA/UKNI/CE marks. Please contact us to learn more. 

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