European Technical Assessments for the UK and European Market

For construction products that are not covered or fully covered within the scope of Harmonized European Standard, an alternative route to CE marking is possible.

The manufacturer of the product can request for a European Technical Assessment (ETA) to be issued for the product which will allow CE Marking. ETAs are issued by a Technical Assessment Body (TAB) following the requirements of European Assessment Documents (EADs). The process of issuing a European Technical Assessment includes an assessment of the product by the TAB and production of the ETA, which is then circulated to TABs throughout Europe for review and comment.

European Assessment Documents (EADs)

ETAs can only be issued if a European Assessment Document (EAD) is in place for the product type. If an EAD does not exist, one will need to be written before the ETA can be issued. The TAB, with support of a manufacturer and participation of other interested TABs, will produce the EAD if any of the following conditions apply:

  • No relevant harmonized standard for the product exists
  • The product deviates significantly from any relevant harmonized standards
  • No mandate for such a standard has been given by the European Commission
  • The European Commission considers that a standard cannot be developed yet.

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How can BM TRADA help with your European Technical Assessment?

ETAs and EADs can be issued via our sister company, Element Materials Technology Rotterdam B.V. (ERO). The same certification experts you have dealt with at BM TRADA are here to help and facilitate this.

Our colleagues in ERO have expertise in a number of product areas and products such timber, steel, doorsets, fasteners, insulation, fire and fire related products.