European Technical Assessments for the UK and European Market

For construction products that are outside the scope of harmonized EN Standards, there is an alternative route to CE marking. A European Technical Assessment (ETA) may be issued by a Technical Assessment Body (TAB) for a product range following a rigorous evaluation with peer review at a European level. The assessment demonstrates that the product range is capable of meeting the performance claimed for it.

As a leading UK based TAB, we have particular expertise in the assessment of construction products for use in timber and other lightweight framed structures, but we can also assess associated products such as fasteners, connectors, insulation and membranes up to whole building kits.

An ETA can be used by a Notified Certification Body, such as BM TRADA, for auditing products manufactured at one or more locations. The manufacturer can then CE mark the product so it can be placed on the market throughout Europe.


European Assessment Documents (EAD)

ETAs can only be issued if there is a European Assessment Document (EAD) for the product type. Note that for some product types there are European Technical Assessment Guidelines (ETAGs), but these are used as EADs.

If no EAD exists, a TAB can request permission to write one with the support of a manufacturer and the participation of other interested TABs when the following conditions apply:

  • No relevant harmonized standard for the product exists.
  • No mandate for such a standard has been given by the European Commission.
  • The European Commission considers that a standard cannot be developed yet.
  • The product deviates significantly from any relevant harmonized standards. 
  • BM TRADA is closely involved in the development of harmonized EN Standards and European Assessment Documents for a wide range of products, such as strength graded timber, wood based panels, I-Joists, metal web beams, fasteners and connectors for structural timber and other uses, screws for corrugated panels to name only a few.
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