The BM TRADA Q-Mark acoustic window certification scheme aims to raise the standard of acoustic performance in windows and doors and helps manufacturers and fabricators who are increasingly required to provide evidence of the acoustic performance of their products.

The certification scheme enables manufacturers and fabricators to show that their products are consistent with the originally tested specification and will continue to deliver the same level of performance.

An important part of the scheme is the BM TRADA Acoustic Rating label, which shows the acoustic performance of the window in a format that is easy to understand for both consumers and commercial buyers. It allows easy comparison between different window systems to assess the level of sound reduction they will provide.

Q-Mark acoustic windows certification scheme benefits:

  • The BM TRADA Q-Mark Acoustic Rating Label provides you with a clear means to credibly demonstrate the acoustic performance of your product
  • Provides you with a strong competitive advantage against manufacturers who are using test evidence alone to demonstrate the performance of their product
  • Helps generate new business by enabling you to tender for the increasing number of projects that specify third party certification of doors and window manufacturers
  • Third party certification is voluntary and as such it provides a clear demonstration of your commitment to quality
  • You benefit from association with BM TRADA, widely recognized and accepted as a leading provider of third party certification.
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