The Q-Mark enhanced lifetime performance of doors certification scheme is a third-party certification scheme under the widely recognized Q-Mark brand for the lifetime performance of hinged and pivot doorsets.

This scheme is based on our highly successful Classification for Service Life Test Programme CDTM01.

The scheme allows manufacturers to demonstrate to specifiers that their products have passed this stringent CDTM01 testing regime and that through regular audits of the manufacturing process they can be assured of consistency as well as quality.

Benefits of the Q-Mark enhanced lifetime performance of doors certification scheme:

  • Helps generate new business by enabling you to tender for the increasing number of projects that specify third party certification of door manufacturers
  • Helps generate repeat business because it enhances your reputation for quality which in turn leads to customer loyalty
  • Certification is voluntary and as such it provides a clear demonstration of your commitment to quality
  • You continue to benefit as levels of awareness of the BM TRADA Q-Mark scheme and the demand for third party certification continues
  • You benefit from association with BM TRADA, widely recognized and accepted as a leading provider of third party certification.
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