Building business resilience with ISO 9001

The last few months have shown that having procedures and systems in place which make you resilient are critical to being able to withstand change and adapt to a dynamic situation. Given the highly uncertain nature of the pandemic, it is important to be resilient

There are many definitions of resilience but ultimately, it is the organizations ability to alter operations in the face of changing business conditions. Operationally resilient enterprises have the organizational competencies to adjust operations to deal with the ebbs and flows of market conditions giving them a competitive edge.

Standards are the foundation for this resilience, which anchor a company in a volatile marketplace.

What is ISO 9001

ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems certification is a powerful tool that helps manage your business effectively, boost operational resilience and build for the long term. It will enable you to make internal and external business improvements that enhance your business performance.

It is designed to work with any size of organization. It is possible that you may already do much of what’s in the standard and implementing the certification will formalize these procedures.

The ‘top down’ approach will encourage involvement in the system by the senior leadership team and additionally, it will ensure the whole organization is on board and motivated by the goals.

It will ensure that quality management is at the heart of your organization and completely aligned with the strategic goals.

The standard follows Annex SL which is applicable to all new ISO management systems standards making it much easier to implement multiple, integrated management systems. It is also internationally recognized and will act as a ‘passport to trade’ around the world.

Around 1.3 million companies have implemented ISO 9001 due to being a proven business improvement tool leading to a more sustainable operation. This in turn, leads to happy customers which will also recommend you to others.

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