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The summer holidays are over and for many organizations it is time for refinement of the plans to deliver Q4 of 2019, plus preparation for the 2020 business plan including ensuring that colleagues are equipped with the skills and tools they need to approach 2020 with confidence.

Training activities focus on the transfer of knowledge and refinement of skills needed to meet the requirements associated with the business needs. Training can take the form of classroom and/or distance learning both of which are designed to help delegates understand better the fundamentals of their role. Weaknesses can be addressed, or mechanisms put in place to compensate.

Benefits of employee training

Most training addresses two fundamental areas:

  • Acquiring new skills and knowledge
  • Enhancement of existing skills and knowledge enabling colleagues to further improve

Both have a wider impact on the organization as improvements in confidence, capability and competence are seen almost immediately. This has a positive reinforcement effect as colleagues feel supported and equipped to do their roles. This in turn leads to improved performance at work, with learning being shared which enhances team performance. Performance improvements are often seen through networking.

So why not use the ‘Back to School’ period as an opportunity to acquire or refresh knowledge needed to manage important skills for your organization. More confident colleagues leads to happier customers. Happier customers are good for business as they provide a stable client base and often become advocates passing on recommendations.

BM TRADA provides a wide range of training courses to suit organizations of all shapes and sizes.

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