Third Party Certification for Construction

The construction sector is well known for being fragmented. It is project based, focused on getting the contract finished and moving quickly onto the next job. Projects can be complex and bring together multiple stakeholder with a broad set of skills ranging from contractors, architects, designers and engineers who will be involved at multiple phases of the contract.

The construction process has many different facets to it and whether you get involved at all stages or just one, accredited certification ensure that you remain safe, compliant, efficient and cost-effective.

The sector is complex and highly competitive and there are many challenges that you face. Third party certification enables you to:

  • Create safe working environments – whether during the construction phase or fit out stage
  • Employ competent and qualified contractors
  • Reduce risk by driving a collaborative culture
  • Ensure that the raw materials you use are from sustainable source and the products you manufacture are safe, quality, compliant and fit for purpose
  • Minimize the environmental impact of the project

The industry is changing the way it works through closer collaboration with suppliers, clients and partners to deliver higher quality built-environment in a more cost effective, efficient and sustainable manner.

BM TRADA can help you throughout the construction process. From project initiation, right through to building operation and maintenance we can help you ensure you have everything in place to achieve your goals.

‘Construction 2025’

Construction 2025 is a UK government initiative, issued by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, which outlines its industrial strategy for the sector until 2025. The key aims are to reduce programme lengths and costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the trade gap.


The four principle aims of the policy are:

  • Reduce whole-life greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment by 50%
  • Reduce construction time (measured from conception to completion) by 50%
  • Reduce whole-life costs for built assets by 33%
  • Reduce the trade gap on construction products by 50%

Another key aim is to change the public perception of the industry and its work environment, as the industry is marred by a perception that it tends towards cost overruns, late delivery, contractual disputes and slow to adapt to the technological change.

BM TRADA is a UKAS accredited certification body and through our services we can directly support you in achieving these targets through its certification services.

Sustainable construction through certification

In order for the industry to meet the targets set out by ‘Construction 2025’ it is necessary for the industry to start focusing on sustainable construction, the goals of which are to reduce the industry’s overall environmental impact, which will ultimately help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and whole life costs.

Sustainable construction methods include:

  • using renewable and recyclable resources
  • reducing energy consumption and waste
  • creating a healthy, environmentally-friendly environment
  • protecting the natural environment

Adopting a sustainable approach to construction is not an overnight process; with all new initiatives there are always challenges to face, the greatest of which is cost. The pressure on the industry to reduce costs will always be great and the perception that sustainable methods often cost more is a barrier to implementation.

BM TRADA can help build a framework for your projects to ensure that you are able to adopt a more sustainable approach, whilst keeping costs down and saving you money in the long term.

The public and government pressure to adopt these practices will become increasingly prevalent and by taking a proactive approach to sustainable construction now, you can ensure that you are well placed to secure future projects and meet the changing requirements of the construction industry.


Choosing BM TRADA means you are working with a leading international certification body accredited by both UK and international bodies, whose name is readily accepted by regulatory bodies, authorities, purchasers and suppliers around the world.

Because we have clients in most industry sectors and we certify a wide range of business types, ranging from SMEs right up to major corporates, we understand the particular issues that businesses face and can respond accordingly.

Some of the benefits of working with certification body BM TRADA:

  • We are a globally recognised, highly respected and fully accredited certification body, which means that certification from us is readily accepted by specifiers
  • Our 30 years’ experience, deep technical knowledge and standard of our service we deliver has helped us deliver certification to organizations in more than 70 countries around the world
  • Our auditors are selected for their industry experience, local knowledge and ability to work constructively alongside clients giving you peace of mind
  • By choosing us you are joining the increasing number of organizations around the world who have made BM TRADA their certification partner.
  • We are known for being approachable, responsive and easy to work with
  • Our pricing is clear and transparent

Our purpose as a business is a simple one. It’s about adding value to our customers’ business. It’s about helping our customers to make certain that all of the materials, products and processes we certify for them, are always safe, quality, compliant and ultimately fit for purpose. And it’s about safeguarding your reputation and minimizing your risk.

BM TRADA has a wealth of experience at providing certification services to a range of customers. To talk to a certification expert contact us. Click here for information on our training services and here to access the Bookshop where a list of certification standards and guide books can be found.

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