Why Accreditation Matters

Accreditation is the formal process that recognizes that a conformity assessment body is competent to perform specific processes, activities, or tasks (detailed in a scope of accreditation) in a reliable, credible, and accurate manner.

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is the sole national accreditation body for the United Kingdom. UKAS is recognized by the government to assess against internationally agreed standards, organizations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services.

Accreditation by UKAS demonstrates the competence, impartiality, integrity and performance capability of these evaluators known as conformity assessment bodies. UKAS is a non-profit-distributing private company, limited by guarantee. UKAS operates independently of Government. UKAS accredited certification, testing, inspections, and calibration reduces the need for suppliers to be assessed by each of their customers.

Organizations can save time and money by selecting a supplier that holds accredited certification and therefore is a competent supplier. Accredited certification in compliance with best practices can limit product failure and downtime, and control manufacturing costs.


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