Factory Production Control

Factory Production Control to your product

Product certification requires the following steps, although different systems may use different terminology.

  1. The manufacturer tests the product to establish its performance. This is known as Initial Type Testing.
  2. The certification body prepares a scope of approval, based on what was tested and the results obtained. This could be a Field of Application or Classification document.
  3. The manufacturer prepares the Product Specification.
  4. The manufacturer develops a documented factory production control system.
  5. There is an Initial Audit Assessment.
  6. The third party reviews the audit findings. If the audit shows that the manufacturer is complying with the Technical Specification, then a positive certification decision is made.
  7. There may be regular audits to check the system and identify any errors that need to be corrected.
  8. There may also be regular testing to ensure quality standards are maintained.

If the manufacturer does not continue to follow this product certification process, the product would no longer comply with the Technical Specification and the manufacturer cannot continue to claim that it does. 

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Factory Production Control and Product Certification 

BM TRADA provides third party certification schemes for products, installation and maintenance services, personnel and grading through Q-Mark and product marking schemes such as the UKCA. These enables organizations to deliver products to market and meet tender specification requirements.

Certification informs your customers that it meets the requirements of a defined technical specification and that it has been produced within a third party audited Factory Production Control system which includes procedures for isolating non-conforming product.

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