£395 + VAT (non-residential)
Duration - One day

For auditors and specialist service providers.

BM TRADA offers this one-day Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) accredited auditor course and satisfies the structured training and examination requirements for professionals seeking Level 3 accreditation as an AWS accredited auditor, consultant or trainer.

The course examines the value proposition for water stewardship compliance, the business case for water stewardship and the requirements of the AWS verification process.

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AWS accredited auditor and specialist training

The course includes seminars, exercises, audit case studies and presentations and concludes with a written exam, conducted in English.

Full competence in English, written and spoken is an essential requirement.

We are partnering with the AWS Global Forum for this course, please find out more about it here

Learning Objectives:

  • The AWS accredited auditor specialist training program will equip Auditors and specialist service providers with a deeper knowledge of the requirements and application of the water stewardship system to water using sites
  • Provide potential auditors specialist service providers with an understanding of the AWS verification system and its requirements
  • Support specialist service providers in developing a business case to market their services to business and organisations likely to engage with water stewardship.

Who should attend?

  • Those seeking accreditation as an AWS auditor, consultant or trainer
  • Those who will be implementing and managing an AWS system within a multiple site organisation.

Pre-course requirements

Participants must have completed both the ‘Foundations of Water Stewardship’ and the ‘Advanced Training in the AWS Standard’ programs before undertaking this course.