BM TRADA's FREE timber technical helpline puts you directly in touch with the experts behind BM TRADA’s timber publications, webinars, training courses and commercial services. Call 01494 840 349 anytime during normal UK working hours (9–5, Monday to Friday), and we’ll assist with straightforward advice or point you in the right direction, whether that’s a specific publication or a commercial service.

With roots in the former Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA)'s advisory line, which began in 1994, our technical experts have answered thousands of your calls every year since then. BM TRADA is pleased to have retained all the colleagues that operated TRADA's advisory line, authored its technical information, and provided consultancy and support to the former association and its membership. As a result, we are delighted to run this free timber technical helpline, supporting all sectors of the timber industry.

The BM TRADA helpline team comprises the timber experts behind BM TRADA’s timber publications, webinars, training courses and commercial services. This experienced team includes Dr Hugh Mansfield-WilliamsRobin Lancashire, Dr Andy Pitman, Nick Clifford, Gavin Fidler and Adam Moring. They take turns manning the timber technical helpline during normal UK working hours (9–5, Monday to Friday), so have confidence we'll help you achieve excellence when you call 01494 840 349.

In the coming months, we will be adding our catalogue of free technical information to the resource area here.

Our Wood Information Sheets, which provide comprehensive introductions to many timber topics in 4–10 pages, are currently available for purchase in the BM TRADA Bookshop, along with our diverse catalogue of textbooks and manuals for professionals.

Your Timber FAQs Answered

One of the main benefits of the BM TRADA timber technical helpline is our ability to provide expert answers to your timber-related questions. We also provide a selection of answers to commonly-asked questions online. In this section, we share some of the most common timber-related FAQs and our answers. If you can’t find the answer to your question below, please contact our timber technical helpline using the information provided above during normal UK working hours for free expert advice.

Explore Our Timber Flooring Consultancy FAQs

The long-term performance of wood flooring depends on careful selection of the system and materials, as well as installation done in the knowledge of what the floor will have to withstand and what is expected of it. Discover Our FAQs

Explore Our Cladding Inspection FAQs

Timber cladding is popular with building owners and architects seeking to maximise timber's unique visual appeal and environmental credentials. It is used for internal or external applications, although you must consider the durability of the timber when selecting material for external use.

Discover Our FAQs

Explore Our Decking Inspection FAQs

The use of timber for external decking has a long history. In the major timber growing areas of the world such as Scandinavia, wood was used for sidewalks in the cities and lasted for many years before eventually being replaced, it is now a common feature for verandas and 'open air living' across the world. 

Discover Our FAQs

Explore Our Structural Timber FAQs

Wood is a natural material. From growth to use, its structural properties are highly variable as a result of several influencing factors. The effects these factors have on the structural properties of the timber section proposed require careful consideration. Discover Our FAQS

Explore Our Timber Frame Construction FAQs

Timber frame is a method of construction. It is not a system of building, although there are a number of well researched systems which use timber frame as a basis.

Discover Our FAQs

Explore Our Timber Species and Types FAQs

Timber species verification can be used to assess whether timber, either in its ‘raw’ form or when manufactured into a product, is the species it claims to be in accompanying documentation. Timber species verification provides a useful tool as part of an organization’s due diligence system. Discover Our FAQs

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