BM TRADA provides joinery inspection services which include verification of design detailing, construction and installation of internal and external joinery, i.e. cladding, doors, windows, flooring and skirting etc.

Our joinery inspection services include:

  • Reviews of drawings of proposed joinery design and species selections
  • Determination of the cause or causes of failures such as in-service distortion, bowing, fissuring and water leakage, including reviews of glazing systems
  • Site assessments of timber quality used for the manufacture of joinery
  • Site and laboratory appraisals of door and window construction and its influence on in-service performance
  • Site assessments of design, building and installation details and their influence on long-term performance and moisture uptake
  • Surveys to determine the cause or causes of biological decay.

BM TRADA’s expert team of timber consultants can provide consultancy support in legal disputes involving joinery.