Visual Strength Grading - Temperate Hardwoods training course 

A practical two day course to grade hardwood to the visual strength grades set out in BS 5756: 2007+A2:2017 'Visual strength grading of temperate hardwood. Specification'.

Through classroom based interactive learning, practical days spent in the timber yard and a practical examination, this course will provide delegates with:

  • An introduction to timber, including the uses of strength graded timber 
  • The meaning of strength classes, an explanation of strength grading and the 
  • Marking systems 
  • An understanding of the responsibilities of the grader and the grading company 
  • An introduction to the natural growth characteristics of wood using hand held samples 
  • Practical exercises grading lengths of hardwood timber

The course includes: 

  • Practical exercises 
  • A written test

You should attend this course if you: 

  • Are involved in the selection and supply of hardwood for structural use

Pre-course requirements

During the course, 3m lengths of timber will be handled on a daily basis.

Please ensure all delegates bring suitable clothing such as hi-vis vest/jacket and protective safety/footwear.

Delegates must also be aware of the correct manual handling techniques.


Course prices

£750 + VAT
Duration - Two days

Course dates

11th - 12th May 2022
8th - 9th November 2022


Please note: it is a legal requirement for all structural timber used in the UK to be strength graded, UKCA marked and stamped in accordance with Annex ZA of BS EN 14081-1. In order to do this, companies that place strength graded timber on the market are required to join a certification scheme. Please contact us for further information.