This course equips those responsible for fitting fire stopping products with the know-how to install and maintain solutions correctly. This seminar consists of a classroom-based training session using a combination of presentations, video and hands-on demonstrations followed by a written examination.

Successful completion of this course is one of the mandatory requirements for being awarded the fire stopping installation Q-Mark certification. 

Follow on site audits are also required as part of the scheme. 

Fire stopping installation training course details

A classroom seminar and written examination forming the second part of the Q-Mark fire door installation certification scheme training program.

  • Introduction to Passive Fire Protection (PFP) the regulatory requirements
  • Background to Fire Stopping Installation
  • Stages of Correct Installation
  • Fire Stopping Components 
  • Compartmentalization and the role of PFP products in maintaining compartment lines
  • Fire testing, test reports and the role of assessments
  • Understanding PFP products and the importance of correct installation and maintenance
  • The reality of site installation: a case study
  • Scope of the scheme
  • A written exam. 

Who should attend?

Those responsible for sealing the fire resistant compartment lines within buildings.

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