The BM TRADA Q-Mark wood flooring certification scheme is a third-party product certification scheme.

It is based on the principles of ISO9001, EN45011/12, ISO Guide 62/65 and confirms compliance to specific wood flooring standards (Product standards EN 13226, EN 13227, EN 13228, EN 13488, EN 13489, EN 13990, EN 13629, EN 14354 in conjunction with EN 14342 and EN 13329 in conjunction with EN 14041), together with a specific set of performance criteria set by BM TRADA in order to attain a design which performs to a high standard.

BM TRADA Q-Mark is the product certification scheme for building and construction products operated by BM TRADA.

BM TRADA is one of the UK’s leading certification bodies with over 35 years’ experience and accredited by UKAS since 1991.

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Benefits of the Q-Mark wood flooring certification scheme:

  • Improves the quality and performance of wood flooring 
  • Provides unambiguous evidence of compliance with the standards
  • Provides manufacturers with a clear route to CE marking
  • Provides specifiers, regulators and inspection authorities with the appropriate information for them to identify suitable products.