Why should I attend?

Information, whether in paper or digital form, is the lifeblood of the NHS because of its critical importance to patient care and other business processes. IT specialists Phil Scott of NHS Greater Manchester Shared Services (GMSS), Graham Hetherington of NHS Digital and Adam Colyer of BM TRADA will explain how an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS) can help you meet your information security management goals more easily and more quickly leading to an immediate impact and sustainable success.

They will focus on the following:

  • The key statutory requirement for NHS compliance with information security management principles
  • Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)
  • NHS Organisational responsibility
  • Getting started with an ISMS and ISO 27001
  • The benefits of implementing ISO 27001

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Who the event is aimed at

This scope includes, but is not limited to, NHS organisations, third party IT/information service providers and private sector care providers providing care services under NHS contracts.

Read more about a case study with NHS Greater Manchester Shared Services. https://www.bmtrada.com/about-bm-trada/case-studies/nhs-gmss

Our presenters

Adam Colyer is a Business Development Manager at BM TRADA who specialises in Information Security Management Systems Certification.

Phil Scott is the IT Security Manager at NHS Greater Manchester Shared Services (GMSS) which provides corporate and IT services and support to a range of health and care organisations including working as a partner in the health and care system - customers include Clinical Commissioning Groups, GPs and NHS Foundation Trusts, as well as a number of non-NHS organisations and other professional bodies. Phil was responsible for implementing an Information Security Management System and gaining ISO 27001 certification for GMSS.

Graham Hetherington is the NHS Digital Data Security Centre service lead, responsible for the delivery of a portfolio of cyber services to the NHS. Graham leads a team to ensure the associated management integration and ownership of services and their operating models to ensure effective delivery, assurance, and compliance. His previous experience has included the design and implementation of an integrated management system (IMS), covering for ISO 2000 and ISO 2000 to underpin the delivery of circa 50 digital services to the NHS.

The above speakers will be joined on a panel Q&A by Nuraz Zamal - Managing Director ADDVantage Technologies. Nuraz is a specialist in organisational transformations, target operating models and adoption of management systems (ISO 27001). Experience includes NHS Digital, acute hospitals and shared services.

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