Anne is Technical Training Manager across the Built Environment, and joined BM Trada in 2012.

As Technical Training Manager, Anne is responsible for promoting learning and development and high performing culture of CPD within the Built Environment. Working closely with key stakeholders such as TCG (Technical, Compliance and Governance) and the Quality Teams to develop and maintain competence programmes which ensure colleagues' skills are relevant and up to date with all legal, regulatory and technical requirements, ensuring the right training is delivered to the right people at the right time.

Through her role, Anne enjoys working with colleagues across all disciplines, including passive fire protection, reaction to fire, certification, product certification, finance, support services, quality and health and safety.

Training is considered a key stakeholder in any new scheme or process, and Anne's team works with our project teams applying for accreditation to deliver new products or services so they can ensure we have both the internal and/or external competence available to deliver the initiative.

With a retail/supply chain sector background, Anne moved into learning to concentrate on inventory and supply chain in 1993. She started her own training consultancy company with training solutions designed and delivered to meet specific criteria and development needs. From standalone workshops to complete educational programmes.

All the training Anne designs is highly active, believing that people learn by doing rather than just listening, and in the workplace individuals need to understand the pragmatic application of learning into their day job. In 2006 one of Anne's programmes won the CLIT Award for Excellence - Developing People Category - this was a very proactive course which delivered some excellent results regarding succession.