As you may be aware BM TRADA has been taking steps to ensure that we can continue to operate as a Notified Certification Body and Technical Assessment Body (TAB) if the U.K. leaves the EU after the 29 March 2019 without a withdrawal agreement.

Warringtonfire Testing and Certification Limited trading as BM TRADA has been engaged with RvA (Accreditation Body) in the Netherlands for over a year. We have produced the documentation and identified the people so our parent company (Element Materials Technology Limited - office in Amsterdam) can become accredited to EN/ISO 17065 and Notified for CE marking, Marine, EADs and other certification and TAB activities. Please note that we do not expect this to decrease the operational or technical capacity of any of our U.K. locations.

We submitted our application to RvA in May 2018. Since then RvA has conducted documentation and head office reviews in the Element Amsterdam office, as well as critical location reviews in the U.K. to make sure the new Notified Body set-up and processes operate correctly. We received confirmation from the RvA board on the 24 January 2019 that they had approved our application and were granting accreditation for ISO 17065 to the Element Amsterdam office.

We are optimistic that by the end of February / early March, a Notified Body number for our Amsterdam location will be issued and listed on NANDO, so in the case of “No Deal” at the end of March 2019 we will be in the position to re-issue/release CE, Marine (MED) and ETA certificates from the Element Amsterdam office.I hope this helps with the information needed.

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