As one of the leading manufacturers of wood-based materials, EGGER (UK) Ltd was eager to take advantage of ISO 50001 Energy Management certification. The sustainable use of raw materials is a top priority for the company, generating heat in its biomass power plants and using environmentally friendly logistics systems. Having had a positive experience during the ISO 14001 accreditation process, EGGER (UK) Ltd turned again to BM TRADA. 

WHY ISO 50001?

Rising energy costs and increasing regulatory pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions make the need for effective energy management a priority for all organizations.

The ISO 50001 Energy Management standard provides a robust framework for optimizing the use of energy and improving energy management. Organizations that need to understand significant areas of energy use, how to integrate energy efficiency into management practices and thereby improve energy performance, should seek certification to this standard.

Reaping the benefits of this standard is EGGER (UK) Ltd - one of the leading manufacturers of wood-based materials. The company is part of the wider global EGGER Group, which has 18 plants and 26 sales offices.  


When ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) requirements were initiated from central government as a legal requirement, EGGER (UK) Ltd was encouraged to address both ESOS and ISO 50001 at the same time, understanding that ISO certification was important for achieving a proactive and ongoing level of commitment and performance.

BM TRADA is UKAS accredited to provide independent certification, inspection, technical and training services, was chosen to conduct the certification following previous certification work with EGGER (UK) Ltd.

Paul Turner, EGGER (UK) Ltd’s Environmental & Health & Safety Manager, said: “EGGER is extremely focused on reducing its environmental impact. We worked with BM TRADA during the ISO 14001 certification process, and the experience clearly indicated that we would work with BM TRADA again.

“We knew that the professionalism and understanding of our site operational activities was known and this proved to be invaluable in achieving the level of success necessary.”


The certified Hexham (England) and Barony (Scotland) sites have benefited from the standard. This has seen the optimization of energy-related schemes, including a centralized compressed air system at the Barony plant. The manufacture of particleboard and related products was certified for both plants.

Rob Veitch, EVP Fire and Building Products, Element, said: “We are pleased to have a good relationship with EGGER (UK) Ltd after providing the company with both ISO 14001 Environmental Management and ISO 50001 Energy Management certification.

“EGGER is committed to high quality standards and the minimization of environmental impact. Having your energy management system certified by our experts demonstrates dedication to energy reduction, best practice and sustainability.”

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