£295 + VAT

Duration - One day

In this course you will learn a simple, practical approach to problem solving using well-established and widely used tools and techniques.

Whether you are problem solving on your own or with a team, these tools and techniques will help you differentiate and identify symptoms and causes, make informed proposals of the right solution, and implement resolutions more effectively. It will help you to find permanent solutions and avoid recurrence of problems and time wasting fire-fighting.

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Problem solving course details

You should attend this course if:

  • You need to apply a structured approach to providing sustainable solutions
  • You need to demonstrate and propose solutions to problems
  • You are responsible for delivering business process improvements in a controlled and measurable manner. 

You will learn about:

  • Your personal style and approach to resolving problems
  • Popular problem solving models
  • Understanding the impact and likelihood of recurrence
  • Implementing controls whilst a permanent solution is designed
  • Avoiding containment becoming the permanent solution
  • Useful tools for understanding and communicating root cause
  • Useful tools for selecting from a range of solutions
  • Developing an action plan for solution implementation
  • Checking effectiveness of the implemented solution
  • Standardizing revised business processes.