BM TRADA provides a comprehensive range of nationwide services for demonstrating the energy performance of buildings and their components to comply with Approved Documents L and E of the Building Regulations for England and Wales.

In addition to air and sound testing, we can provide the following support services:

    Pre-test inspection.

Prior to testing, we can undertake a thorough inspection of any building to be tested. Any relevant details within the building are documented in a comprehensive report to assist clients with any pre-test remedial work.

Indicative (early) testing

Where performance needs to be particularly good, we recommend undertaking early, indicative tests to confirm things are on track and to avoid a failed test on the finished building. For example, an air tightness test at first fix will establish the permeability of the building fabric and confirm what work, if any, needs to be done as part of the finishing works to achieve the final result.

Diagnosis of problem areas

We use various techniques to identify problem areas on the day of the test, e.g. air leakage points can be identified using depressurization and smoke testing. If remedial works can be conducted in time, we can repeat the test on the same day to achieve an improved result.

As requirements are likely to become more onerous in the future, many clients have benefited from diagnosis, even when the test passes, to achieve ongoing improvement.