CE marking for Construction Products is a six-step process:

Step 1: Identify the harmonized Standards and directives that apply to your product

There are more than 20 directives, each of which sets out the product categories that require CE marking. The essential requirements that products have to fulfil (such as durability and safety) are harmonized at European level and are set out in general terms in these directives. Harmonized European Standards are then issued and these provide more detailed technical explanation of the essential requirements.

Step 2: Identify/verify the product specific requirements

It is up to you to ensure that your product complies with the all the essential requirements of the relevant EU legislation. Full compliance of a product to the harmonised Standards allows you to claim ‘conformity’ of your product to the relevant essential requirements.

Step 3: Identify whether you require a Notified Body to carry out a Conformity Assessment

The Technical Specification covering your product specifies whether an authorized third party (Notified Body) must be involved in the conformity assessment procedure necessary for CE marking.

As third party involvement is not required for all products, it is important to check whether it is required for yours. Also check that your preferred third party is a Notified Body for the specific characteristics.

Step 4: Test your product to check conformity

Proving product performance and checking its conformity to the EU legislation (Conformity Assessment Procedure) is your responsibility. By applying the relevant harmonised European Standards, you will be able to fulfil the essential legislative requirements of the directives for product conformity.

Step 5: Draw up the Product Technical File

The Manufacturer has to establish/draw up the product technical documentation required by the directive(s) for the assessment of the product’s conformity to the relevant requirements. Together with the EC Declaration of Performance, the technical documentation must be made available when requested by the appropriate authorities.

Step 6: Affix the CE mark and prepare the Declaration of Performance

The CE marking must be affixed by the Manufacturer, or by their Authorized Representative within the European Economic Area (EEA). It must be affixed according to its legal format visibly, legibly and indelibly to the product, its packaging or the Manufacturer’s commercial documentation accompanying the product. If a Notified Body was involved in the production control phase, its identification number must also be displayed. It is the Manufacturer’s responsibility to draw up and sign an ‘EC Declaration of Performance’ proving that the product meets the necessary requirements.

Further information

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