The UTZ certification scheme is chain of custody certification which provides traceability from farmer to final consumer.

About UTZ Certified

UTZ Certified is a program which protects the environment and farming communities whilst helping ensure long term sustainability of supply.

It sets standards for the sustainable farming of cocoa, coffee and tea which assures:

  • Safe and healthy working conditions protection of the environment
  • No child labor
  • Good agricultural practices
  • Continually improved farm management practices.

The UTZ label demonstrates that your cocoa, coffee or tea can be traced from the grower to the final consumer product.

The certification system is based on a strict Code of Conduct, covering social and economic criteria for responsible farming, coupled with chain of custody requirements and an advanced track and trace system which links products back to certified growers.

UTZ chain of custody certification gives assurance of the integrity of the product through to its final delivery point.

Who needs UTZ Certified? 

The certification is applicable to all companies in the supply chain that own and handle the product and want to make UTZ certified claims.

It provides evidence that the product originates from well-managed, certified sources and verifies that they are not mixed with products from un-certified sources at any point in the supply chain except under strict management controls. 

The benefits of UTZ certification

Having your chain of custody system independently certified by us gives your stakeholders confidence that you are committed to ensuring your supply chain protects the environment, local communities and long-term sustainability of supply.

Specifically, certification will:

  • Meet the expectations of major manufacturers and retailers, many of whom include sustainable procurement practices in their corporate social responsibility policies and claims
  • Meet the expectations of consumers regarding your commitment to responsible sourcing
  • Improve your reputation and support your organisation’s claims about its sustainability and social responsibility credentials.