Join Andy Green, Business Development Director at BM TRADA for a live webinar for North American delegates on Thursday May 6 2021.

Times: PST 11-12am/ EST 2-3pm/ GMT 6-7pm

Palm oil can be found in half of all packaged products, as well as many consumer goods. Learn about the significant misconceptions about palm oil and how to solve the problem of sustainability versus growing demand.

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Why should I attend?

Andy will explain what the issues are with palm oil relating to modern slavery, land grabbing and deforestation, which impacts wildlife habitat, including endangered orangutan populations. It is impossible to sustain the global requirement without palm oil, but if the issues around it are not dealt with properly, it could drive the orangutan into extinction. Andy will present a solution which will satisfy retailers, suppliers and consumers.

He will focus on the following: 

  • Why palm oil has extremely good properties
  • The replacement to palm oil would take up more land
  • How we can meet consumer demand while ensuring that the environment, wildlife and locals are protected
  • The role of certification
  • The role of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

Our presenter

Andy Green is BM TRADA’s Certification Business Development Director with over 12 years’ experience in the certification sector. Andy has a lifelong interest in collaboration and sustainability and regularly speaks at industry events. Andy has been involved with palm oil certification and served on RSPO standing committees since 2010 and has spoken at RSPO events in Europe, Africa and Asia. Andy will be joined in the Q&A by Mario Vieira, General Manager, BM TRADA United States and Canada. 

BM TRADA is a member of the RSPO. 

All attendees will receive a copy of our white paper: The sustainable solution to the palm oil problem.  

Register for the event Please select 'Show in my time zone' on the registration page.