Join Judith Murdoch, BM TRADA's RSPO Technical Manager, for a live webinar for UK delegates on Thursday, 8 December, 2022, at 11am GMT.

Palm oil is found in over half of all packaged products on the supermarket shelves but is also used in foodservice, home, and personal care. Learn about the significant misconceptions about palm oil and how you can take part in the growing demand for RSPO certified sustainable palm oil.

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Why should I attend?

RSPO certified Palm Oil is now 72% of the UK Palm Oil market. With new UK legislation imminently being launched, the focus on deforestation-free forest risk commodities grows. In this webinar, Judith will explore:

  • Sustainability in the supply chain
  • Why palm oil is used
  • Why using alternative oils is not the answer
  • The role that the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) play
  • The role of RSPO certification
  • The benefits of and opportunities for joining the RSPO and becoming RSPO certified.

Our presenter

Judith Murdoch is the Technical Manager for RSPO with BM TRADA and Director of Murdoch Associates, working as an independent palm oil specialist, specializing in the food industry for more than 30 years. Working within the oils and fats industry for 15 years has given her insight into the world of commodity oils, including understanding the complexities of the supply chain from country of origin to first destination refiners, manufacturers, foodservice operators, and retailers.

Judith works regularly with a range of clients providing strategic expertise and technical support. She is a lead advisor for the UK Sustainable Palm Oil Initiative (SPOI), providing technical support to members and supporting the research and the writing of the Annual UK sustainable palm oil progress.

BM TRADA is a member of the RSPO.

All attendees will receive a copy of our white paper The sustainable solution to the palm oil problem, and a certificate confirming their attendance to this webinar.

For questions or queries regarding RSPO certification, contact

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